Regular GI Health Panel


The GI-1 panel screens for:

  • Bacteria – to look for infectious organisms and to help evaluate the balance of “good and bad” bacteria in the gut
  • Yeast – to identify overgrowth of yeast (including Candida) that may be associated with GI symptoms
  • Parasites – including microscopic evaluation, antigen testing, and immune markers of exposure
  • Antibodies to gluten – to evaluate potential benefit of a gluten-free diet
  • Digestive function markers – including digestive enzyme chymotrypsin and stool pH
  • Markers of intestinal inflammation and mucosal immune function – including total intestinalIgA
  • Fecal occult blood – to screen for GI bleeding

This test is useful for

You may benefit from a GI Health Panel if you:

  • Frequently travel
  • Frequently eat outside the home
  • Are exposed to feces (e.g., cat litter box)
  • Work in a hospital or other healthcare setting
  • Go hiking or camping
  • Work with young children or have a child in daycare
  • Have frequent or broad-spectrum antibiotic use



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