GI Pathogen Profile, multiplex PCR


Viruses, parasites, and bacteria—now you can receive 14 results with 1 test.

Overlapping symptoms—compounded by the lack of testing methods that could identify a full range of viruses, parasites, and bacteria—have historically made GI infections difficult to diagnose. Confidently rule out infectious causes of diarrhea with the test’s 99.9% overall negative predictive value.

The GI Pathogen Profile provides you with results to help you target treatment for greater therapeutic efficacy and reduced risk of complications and side effects associated with incorrect treatment or unwarranted antimicrobial administration.

Use the GI Pathogen Profile as a stand-alone test, or as a complement to our Comprehensive Stool Analysis, to test for the presence of viral infections or to differentiate between possible diarrheagenic strains of E. coli.


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