Moleculera Labs was founded by Dr. Madeleine Cunningham and Dr. Craig Shimasaki in response to a need for laboratory evidence supporting an underlying biologic root for seemingly unexplained neuropsychiatric symptoms. The company opened its clinical laboratory in April 2013 specifically to meet the testing needs of physicians treating individuals suffering from perplexing autoimmune neuropsychiatric disorders that are treatable.

In 1998, Dr. Cunningham was recruited by the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) to help investigate a new disorder (PANDAS) that had been identified in children and resembled Sydenham’s chorea. As a leading researcher, well-versed in rheumatic fever and Sydenham’s chorea, Dr. Cunningham became embedded in studying PANDAS, working in collaboration with Dr. Susan Swedo, Chief of Pediatrics and Developmental Neuroscience Branch at the NIMH. More than a dozen years later that knowledge and research was translated to develop and launch the Cunningham Panel™ of tests.

Moleculera Labs is fully accredited by CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments) and by COLA (Commission on Laboratory Accreditation). Currently, to complete testing of the Cunningham Panel™ we utilize two sites, each performing testing on different portions of the panel. Each clinical site is fully accredited. Both sites have been inspected by COLA and were found with no deficiencies. As a result each site has received the “COLA Laboratory Excellence Award”.

Autoimmune neuropsychiatric disorders are clinical diagnoses made by a physician based upon a patient’s presenting symptoms, personal and family history, and various infection-identifying or confirming laboratory tests. When the clinical diagnosis of an autoimmune neuropsychiatric disorder is made or suspected, the clinician can turn to the results of the Cunningham Panel™ for objective laboratory evidence to support their diagnosis. The Cunningham Panel™ measures the level of autoantibodies associated with certain neuropsychiatric illnesses and the capability these autoantibodies have in causing neurologic and psychiatric symptoms

This testing panel was developed based on years of research conducted by Dr. Madeleine Cunningham at the University of Oklahoma with the help of Dr. Susan Swedo at the National Institutes of Mental Health (NIMH). The technology for these tests is exclusively licensed from the University of Oklahoma and was validated and made clinically available in April 2013 through Moleculera Labs. The Cunningham Panel™ is a composite panel of five independent assays or tests.

The collective result of this panel was developed to assist physicians in their diagnosis, and can support an appropriate treatment decision.

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