We are Functional Medical Tests – a team of highly-qualified health professionals coming together to make self-testing kits from reputed worldwide clinical laboratories more accessible to everyone via a convenient and user-friendly online purchasing website.

  • Mission

Commitment is in our DNA. We continue to work closely with health care professionals and researchers of clinical laboratories to put in the hands of patients the latest and most updated test kits to stay on top of the ever-evolving developments in the medical world.

  • Vision

We are reminded of our sacred obligation to keep the costs of test-kits as affordable as we possibly can to make it more accessible to people of every class eventually. At the same time, we consistently think of more effectively innovative ways to market this much-needed service – as we labour on with relentless passion, professional integrity and genuine human compassion.

  • Why us?

We play the vital bridging role.

We offer strategic collaboration at a global level. We are a dedicated company working with top functional clinical laboratories from around the world.

Functional Medical Tests provides the purchasing platform for functional laboratory tests covering a broad based body system approach. Tests are comprehensive and accurate for your needs.